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Naked Truth.


Humans hear between 10 to 200 lies a day. And that's not even counting the lies we tell ourselves.


The cost of deceit is enormous.  It destroys the one thing necessary for all relationships to survive and thrive: Trust.


The widespread practice of deception in business, advertising, media, governments, police, schools, communities, families, couples and even within ourselves is simply not sustainable.


And deceit is the one commonality at the root of ALL the various 'wrongs' & inequities in our world, followed closely by our failure to detect it in time.


If you care about the sustainability of human, plant and animal life on earth please think on this:


"What would our world be like if it was impossible to lie or be lied to?  What if 'radical transparency' was the rule and not the exception?  Might then we be able to have equality, prosperity, and peace for all humans and all life?"


It is with a deep joy that we invite you to come and learn what we can say with absolute confidence, is the most valuable information you will ever receive.

Each applicant to the Truth Bootcamps™ will be interviewed by Ms. Gabriel before acceptance. Attendance is limited so please apply early.




(We are working on developing the classes for online learning!)

3-day Truth Bootcamp

Come learn The Discovery™ 

(2 Locations only)

 Completed Bootcamps:

Sydney, Australia

July 31, August 1, 2

Melbourne, Australia

August 28, 29, 30

December 4, 5, 6

Darwin, Australia

October 5, 6, 7 

Brisbane, Australia

December 15, 16

​​​The Truth Bootcamps ...

are a rare chance to learn directly from the discoverer, Chelsea Alexis Gabriel, in a small, intimate setting.  She will share with you one of the most profound, life changing discoveries of our time and show you how to best utilize it in your personal life and your work.




Chelsea Alexis Gabriel... is a remarkable healing facilitator and master teacher known for her wit, unabashed love of life,  and exceptional skill. Her ability to see deeply, hear between the notes, and to get to the heart and truth of any issue in a very short period of time has earned her the nickname of "The Truth Ninja".  


Click HERE to see a BIO.


Ms. Gabriel's huge capacity for unconditional love and kindness is immediately recognizable.  Her classes are fun, warm, and supportive with a commitment to integrity and excellence.

Once upon ​a time...

truth was all you knew,

and your Soul

​was driving the bus.

Be there again​


Truth at the Speed of Light

The Discovery™

"One of the most incredible discoveries of our time...Nobel Prize winning incredible.  Impacts every field of human endeavor and when revealed to the public look out.  It will change everything!"​

                         - R.H. Attorney, US Dept. of Justice

 You are listening to the detailed description of this amazing discovery. Click to pause:     ​​

Announcing the major discovery of a non-verbal
language that already exists in and emanates from humans, and 'tells' our deepest truth to
others and self, 100% of the time.  Yes, 100%.
Although expressed physiologically, incredibly this naturally-occuring language system has 'escaped'
our attention or notice for centuries.
Until now.

Now the code is broken...

and it will forever change how humans work, think, heal, live & love.

Soon, you can't be lied to.  Soon, you can't lie.
Not even to yourself.
This is big.
Imagine a world where truth can never be hidden, transparency rules, and life guidance is
clear, immediate, and originates from within. 
This is exactly what this non-verbal language does.
It is automatic and cannot be controlled or
stopped by our conscious minds.  
When revealed to the world-at-large, we will ALL be transparent to each other in our motives, congruity
and deepest truths whether we like it or not.  
When humans are able to recognize every time 
someone lies to them... this becomes the definition
of a 'Global Game-changer'.
When humans are able to recognize every time
they lie to themselves... this becomes the
definition of Evolution.
Globally... this discovery has the power to usher humankind out of the culture of deceit and darkness that we have created, into an era of truth, light, and eventually, peace.
Individually.... this discovery has the power to put you squarely on the path of your best health, truth & life purpose, with no more detours... and zero ability to fool yourself or be fooled by others.
Truth is not optional.
It is the very fabric of the 'Now',
the essence of that from which we came,
 and our clear path to alignment.
It is requisite for Life.
& more
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We are making the

Truth At The Speed Of Light™ documentary!



Soon we will be launching a crowdfunding campaign to help fund the making of the

video that will release The Discovery™

to the world.  

If you would like to be informed

of the launch or be involved in any way, 

please let us know through the contact page.

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