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Truth at the Speed of Light

The most sacred language in existence


From the ancient cosmology of the Lakota tribe of the Sioux First Nations we have an answer to this question, inside one of the most beautiful and poignant stories I have ever heard - 'The Most Precious Gift' as told by Peter Brokenleg.  Let me send it to you as a special gift to enjoy!

~ If Truth really existed, where on earth would it live? ~

​​5-day "Truth Bootcamp"

Melbourne, Australia 

July 17, 18, 19 & July 25, 26

So, what is this Truth 'language'?
Imagine if all humans were born with a built-in LED light behind our faces and each time we spoke the truth, our face glowed bright yellow and when we intentionally lied or even unintentionally gave inaccurate information, it glowed a dark blue, for everyone to see.  
And imagine that this happened in all of us.  As in, every single person, everywhere in the world, every single time.
How would that shift the way we vote, make purchases, learn, teach, conduct investigations and scientific studies, research, hold trials, fall in love, relate to friends & family, and pretty much conduct our entire lives?
And what if this 'face-glowing phenomenon' also acted like an organic internal, loving guidance system, verifiying or negating the veracity and soundness of our own thoughts, beliefs, statements, stories, questions or even the wisdom of our decisions?
The above example is only a metaphor, and our faces obviously do not glow different colors, but the actual language is pretty much that simple and obvious once you know what it is.
Once you are trained and verify for yourself that this communication is occurring all the time from you and with every other human, you realize that the applications and benefits are limitless both personally and professionally.
Please visit the other pages on the website to learn more about both the Discovery, and the Benefits of knowing it and how it can enhance our lives and progress our evolution.  
Exactly 'who' is doing this truth-telling?  Which part of us created and uses this language...what is the source?
What we are referring to is a higher-functioning, non-ego aspect of humans with its own ongoing, compelling language system, and the highest-level intimate knowledge of our bodies, our health and inner workings down to a cellular level, as well as an uncanny awareness of what might be called universal knowledge. It behaves as if we are not separate... from ourselves nor each other and it moves for the good of the whole.
Honestly, we don't know what to call it.  But we have decided to refer to this part as the Soul.
And we want to point out that It is not necessary to believe in the "Soul" in order to benefit from learning to recognize this existing language. Some call it Source, Spirit, Higher Self, Holy Spirit, Soul or other names. The linguistic metaphor you choose to use is irrelevant really.​  

​It is a bridge to integration, inter-connectedness, and a whole new kind of integrity.  Call it whatever you like, Soul works for us... for now ;-)​
Again, who knows the answer?  We are not going to pretend we do for the sake of hype or sounding like the experts or gurus on truth, but as the information is finally disseminated world-wide, we hope to be a part of that discussion.
For some of us, it makes perfect sense, just as a basic human survival mechanism, that we would be 'factory installed' with the ability to have immediate and direct access to guidance from an internal source that intimately knows us, as opposed to needing to seek it outside of ourselves which is not actually a very efficient method.
It also makes sense, especially in this time of escalation of both dark and light, that we begin to support the light in every way possible.  Truth is light.  Conversely, deceit is heavy and dark.  
And everything, whether it be empires or civilizations, relationships with self or others that lacks Truth at its' foundation or that is built upon deceit, no matter how small, will surely crumble and fail.  Deceit causes entropy, and entropy eventually causes collapse.
For some people, the last thing they want is to be transparent, yet for others of us, we know it as the way forward, and the hope for LIfe on Earth.
Perhaps the real answer to the questions "Why?" and "What is the meaning?" of the fact that we have a part willing to risk everything, including our physical lives, just to make the Truth known, will be similar to the answer given by David E. Kaplan​ in the movie Particle Fever,  when asked the question "So what is the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) good for?".  His answer?
"Could be nothing... other than just understanding everything." 
It is with a deep joy that we invite you to come and learn what may likely be the most valuable information you ever receive, and to discover for yourself the evidence of your Soul's profound love for you.
Why have our Souls developed this communication system to clearly let us know the deepest truths of others and ourselves?  Perhaps only to guide us home to ourselves, wholly, safely, and completely.  
Why does it exist & what does it mean? 
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