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Truth At The Speed Of Light


Airport Transportation​​

"Return to Truth" 8-day Retreat

 At stunning Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

April 1-9, 2013​

Regarding International Flights:


Plan to arrive in Guatemala City on April 1, 2013 for pick-up before 3 pm. It is a 3.5 hour drive from Guatemala City to the lake, if there are no disruptions and we want to be driving into the lake in the daytime.  Spectacular!

If your flight does not arrive until evening, then you will need to fly in a day before, on the 31st of March or sooner, and stay at a hotel close to the airport, or one in Antigua so that you will be ready for the shuttle on April 1.​


​We will arrange a private shuttle to pick up the group and will be waiting for you outside the airport for these dates.  Other personal transportation may be made at additional cost (private shuttles from the airport to San Pedro run about $100-120 US dollars) if you cannot make the group shuttle.  

We are happy to assist you in coordinating with your arrival and departure planning.

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