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Truth At The Speed Of Light

The Class

​(See TUITION-DATES page for tuition and class dates)

About the Class & what you will learn:

In this class, you will learn The Gabriel Discovery™; Intentional Integration™; Veracity Verification™; and so much more!

We reveal to you the Truth-telling language system of our Souls, along with some of the most important teachings that research has shown facilitate your ability to get out of your own way, consistently pay attention to the language, and utilize the pure, uncontaminated information and guidance that comes to you from this higher source (Intentional Integration™).

You will learn how to apply this profound information to your life and your work, and you will be taught how to calibrate and learn other people's coded system (Veracity Verification™).

We will explore the multitude of ways to respond when you are faced with incongruity or when you realize, through the language, that someone is not telling the truth.  And you will learn some very simple techniques to utilize with people who are lying to you that actually facilitates the breakdown of their ability to lie.  This piece is amazing and Ms. Gabriel has some fascinating stories of how it has been used in criminal cases as well as dangerous personal situations .

The days will be filled with exercises, many examples for you to experience, and demonstrations using volunteers who would like to tackle a life issue and learn to recognize how their Soul responds to it all and what information it is offering. You will be given homework to enhance your skills.

It will also include exciting teachings from Ms. Gabriel's body of work and forthcoming book - "Zombie Busting: A Manifesto for Extreme Consciousness".

We will explore the "Culture of Deceit" that has been created by humans along with, well and little known consequences of that culture to your individual life, all life on the planet, and what it will take to rebuild into a "Culture of Truth".

We will explore the notion of "trance" and trance states; the difference between generative and degenerative trances states; and the seeming evidence that most humans, at least those in "modernized societies" live in a perpetual state of unbroken degenerative or life-draining trance to some degree, that keeps them open to suggestion, manipulation, domestication, and far from the truth of who they really are and their own access to pure, ego-free guidance.

We can look even at those on a spiritual path or a path of enlightenment, and often find them simply trading one 'trance' for another, and not really affecting the changes they want in their own lives or the world at large.

You will be given tools that allow you to:

  • recognize when you (or others) are operating from even very subtle limiting trance states & beliefs;

  • fully "wake up" so-to-speak on ever-deepening levels;

  • stay awake;

  • recognize truth from lie no matter how subtle (even in yourself); and

  • achieve the Intentional Integration of yourself as a whole being, guided by an aspect of yourself which has never forgotten who you really are and always seeks the highest good.

If you have already made a commitment in your heart to Truth, to a close partnership with your Soul/Spirit/Higher Self, to following a path that is for the good of all... then please consider joining us for this life-changing opportunity to meet your Soul in a way like never before, learn its 'secret' language, and begin a journey of integration that can only be called sweetness itself.

Important Note: Very few people worldwide have ever been trained in this discovery. All have signed legally binding non-disclosure statements prohibiting them from revealing (publishing) the discovery in any form, until released in writing by the publisher or Ms. Gabriel.

If you are accepted into this training, you will also be required to sign a legal non-disclosure agreement that is effective until written release from Ms. Gabriel or upon publication of the Truth At The Speed Of Light™ book or DVD.



Tribal Elders the world over are requesting us to
"Wake up the Dreamers". 

Problem is, t​he Dreamers...are us.

We must learn to "Be Truth" in the world

or risk losing it all. 

"Damn. This is going

to scare the 'you know

what' out of some

people but the rest of

us well, we will be

forever in your debt

for ​discovering and

sharing this."

​~M.K., Fox Television N.Y.C., NY

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