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Truth At The Speed Of Light

Special Notice


Our intention is to train people who hold truth, deep integrity,  personal congruity, love, kindness, and the highest evolution of the species as  attainable standards worth working towards... on a daily or even minute by minute basis.  We are thrilled in knowing you are out there, and are so excited to meet you!
This retreat is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but it is so hard to say that without it sounding like hype... which I seriously dislike.  But to learn the Discovery in the heart of the Mayan Highlands, to meet your Soul and learn its ongoing language, at one of the most beautiful places on earth, during the beginning of the new cycle of the  Mayan Calendar and ushering in of the new era, is special indeed.

This retreat is geared for those who understand that all cultures have merit and something to offer the world without thinking that one culture is necessarily superior to others.  The Mayan culture is very special, the accomplishments of their civilization are spectacular, and this time is extremely sacred to them, but not in any kind of sensationalist way like so many in the world are portraying.
In fact, the real Mayans put out a plea to the world (and even their own government) to stop commercializing and trying to profit off of their sacred calendar cycles.  This retreat is not happening in the land of the Maya because of the December 2012 ending of the Mayan Calendar and beginning of the new cycle in 2013... it is happening there because that is where I live. 
Honestly though, I can't think of another place I would rather be during this time, for many, many reasons, not the least of which is to be where people live closer to the land and nature and for the beautiful simplicity of how life could be were we not so hypnotized and asleep. 
"Mr. Duffy lived at a little distance from himself." is one of my favorite lines from a book by James Joyce, as it (sadly) but so succinctly describes, in one line, what can be perceived as the fundamental problem of humankind living in the Western cultures.  That, in my experience, could not be said  of the Maya of Lake Atitlan.
​As so many of us know at our deepest levels, this is indeed an amazing time in the world and does seem to carry in its womb the possibility for transformation and evolution that is beyond what currently exists.  No one really knows if that is true or not, and likely if it is, it could be because enough people have come to believe it and are simultaneously holding that intention.
Personally, I do believe that this is a special time, and certainly Lake Atitlan is a place where magic is still very much alive and tangible.  The "old" Maya are a simple and delightful people, full of magic and still deeply connected to the earth and nature.  Where their own have fallen from these ways, they too are seeing trouble and a disturbance and imbalance in "the field". 
The final cycle (approximately 5,125 years) of the Mayan Long Count Calendar - the 13th b'aktun ended on December 21 of 2012.  This is of huge spiritual significance to the Maya, and cause for celebration that humans have made it to the end of another cycle.
​On December 21 and the days (years) leading up to that day, they indeed pulled all of their collective strength, spirits and intentions to not only celebrate the end of the current cycle but also to creating an end to the current imbalance and darkness in the world and the beginning of a new cycle of possibilities, and a shifting into other dimensions. 
There will still be celebrations and ceremonies throughout 2013 and we will attend at least one of these ceremonies, but it is not one that is done for tourists and we will be honored observers.  They will be spoken in one of the ancient languages of the Mayans (Tz'tujil). 
There will be no translation or picture taking or physical participation, but rather the opportunity to receive and participate in the ancient energies flowing into the universe and ourselves, and of course add our energy and intentions for our species and the planet.
This should be done with the utmost respect and as the true Mayans see it, a profound and long-lasting vigilant "looking within" to find our deepest truth, our purpose on the planet, and our connection to ourselves, each other, nature, and all that is.
If this resonates with you... I welcome you to join us.  We will play, laugh (oh my how we will laugh!), learn, do our work, be in wonder, go deep, have more fun than we can shake a stick at, and raise our Resonant Frequency to the highest possible levels... those of Truth and Love.
See you soon?​

"If success or failure of this planet and of human

beings depended on how I am and what I do...


How would I be?  What would I do?"

~ Buckminster Fuller​

Oh my gosh, I love

knowing about this! I

cannot believe how

sweet and funny and

present my Soul is.

This makes me feel

so loved. I can't

imagine how anyone

could ever feel alone

after learning this.​


~ M.O-W. S., Professional Singer, Seattle, WA

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