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Truth At The Speed Of Light

The Discovery™


​Your Soul uses an encrypted or coded non-verbal language system to communicate the truth to you and to everyone you encounter 100% of the time, no matter what is at stake, and it is not like any lie-detection or body language that is already known.


This "language" is immediately verifiable, immediately accessible, and occurs independently of what you consciously think or believe.  We cannot start, stop, or control it consciously, even if we wanted to.


Here then, is some of what we know:


  • It is naturally occurring (factory installed) and ongoing. You do not have to "do" anything to get the communications as they are very clear with no need for interpretation.

  • If necessary, this higher-functioning part of us will risk careers, relationships, possessions, marriages, finances, prestige, etc. in order for the truth to be known. We remain completely unaware that this is happening.

  • Your Soul values Truth higher than survival of your physical body, even risking life if necessary, just to make the truth known. That was a stunning revelation.

It is this stunning fact that so points to the Soul as being the source of the language... for what other part of a human is willing to risk death except the part that has access to the "Big Picture" and our role in it?

  • Your Soul recognizes the "truth-telling" language system of other Souls and knows unequivocally every time you are lied to. It then communicates this to your consciousness. You still have the choice whether to act on the knowledge or not, but just like when we ignore our intuition, there are usually consequences.

  • The primary reason Souls use this organic language system however, is to try to guide us in making our life decisions in alignment with our life purpose & evolution.

  • It will use this system hundreds of times a day, answering you when you merely think a question, hear/read a new idea or theory, or wonder what course of action to take regarding your health, career, relationships, and daily life. Until you know its language, you miss this high-level wisdom and guidance.

  • When you pay attention to this light-speed flow of information and Truth, your Soul will respond by escalating it, communicating with, and guiding you even more.

  • Souls are funny. Sounds weird, but they are. When you recognize their language, you will discover their amazing sense of humor and be touched by their sweetness.

  • Unlike most practices that try to connect you to your higher source and knowledge, no intermediaries are necessary. It's already here. "factory installed" so-to-speak. Nothing to do except learn the language, then pay attention to the ongoing guidance from your Soul.

That's not always easy.  It takes willingness on the part of the ego to let go of the steering wheel, and an intention to integrate, but it is so worth it.

For one, you will have new skills that allow you to become a part of the solution... as an example of what it means to truly be awake, follow one's true purpose and support a "Culture of Truth".  It is the starting point for all good.

Your Soul cares more about the truth being

known, than it does about survival of your body.

Now that... was a stunning fact.

"I love that there is

actually nothing

"woo-woo" about this

and that it is so

practical in my work.

Every time I have a

question about what

direction to take an

experiment, I just slow

down and notice how

my 'Soul' has been

weighing in. Never

been wrong yet. Cool."


~ K.J. Scientist,

Research Triangle  Park, NC

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