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Truth At The Speed Of Light

The Discovery™


2015 Schedule/Tuitions


​*NOTE: If you are interested in hosting/organizing an event or a class in your location in 2022, or to book a one-on-one personal training with Ms. Gabriel, please use the Contact page to inquire as to possibilities.


We want to be sure that this training is in your best interest at this time in your life, so we have an application that all students must fill out, and an interview process they must complete prior to acceptance. 


*Applications will no longer be accepted when a class is full.

 2022 Truth Bootcamps™ & other classes 

will be announced soon!  Please check back for locations and dates.





  • Sydney, Australia - 2022 TBA

  • Melbourne, Australia - 2022 TBA

  • Darwin, Australia - 2022 TBA

  • Adelaide, Australia - 2022 TBA


The Discovery -Truth Bootcamp™ Australia Tuitions


Tuition: $2395 (AUD)


Payment Options:


  • 3 monthly payments of $850 (AUD) per month (Total $2550)

​Join Ms. Gabriel for the revelation of her profound discovery andmagical journey deep into the enlightened terrain of your Soul...


It will forever change the way you

think, work, live and play.

"I am convinced this is

the bridge we have all

been looking for

between Universal

Consciousness (or the

Akashic records), and

our everyday awake

consciousness... only

without having to jump

through any hoops to

get it. It's pretty


J.T., M.A.Psychotherapist
Seattle, WA

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