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Truth At The Speed Of Light

The Discovery™


Applications & Benefits

Once you are trained and verify for yourself that this communication is occurring all the time within you and with every other human, you realize that the applications and benefits are limitless both personally and professionally.

Through its language system, your Soul will verify or negate the veracity and soundness of any information coming from your conscious mind, like your own thoughts and ideas, and immediately answers any questions you merely think or pose to yourself.

It will also verify or negate the veracity and soundness of anything coming to you from the outside, like in the form of what you hear or read from others.

If someone asks you a question, regardless of what you say consciously, your Soul will also answer, always with the Truth. It is both an internal and an external information exchange system.

Here are just a few examples. Feel free to inquire about more specifics or examples.

With Self​

Use it to:

  • Navigate important or emotional decision-making times with clarity

  • Learn the underlying cause of illness

  • Make the correct treatment choices for any illness

  • Get to the heart and truth of any matter within minutes with children, family and friends

  • Have access to, and understand your Soul's personal guidance and wisdom on all topics. You may ask questions, or just notice the immediate guidance it already offers in all areas of your life such as work & career, family & children, relationships, your health, education, your home, your life purpose, passions, etc..

  • Create a cooperative harmony, an intentional integration between your Soul and your ego consciousness

With Others

There are a million ways to help others with this knowledge.

We have seen instantaneous healings occur, just by the simple act of acknowledging their Souls presence in this way, and making room for its Truth to be heard. It is the sweetest most loving thing you can do for another human being.

Some specific examples include:

​​Physicians, therapists, coaches and all healing professionals

Use it to:

  • Rapidly uncover the etiology of physical or mental health problems, often within minutes

  • Pose an idea or theory regarding their problem or possible solutions and their Soul immediately indicates whether you are on the right track or not

  • Preview treatment options for unconscious receptivity or rejection & choose treatment based on their Soul's wisdom and direction

  • Learn within minutes how long it will take to resolve their issue & if there are any hidden agendas or secondary gains that must be taken into consideration

  • Dramatically improve and accelerate the course of any kind of treatment or therapy

  • Know if they are lying to you or to themselves

  • Recognize that their Soul is giving you high-quality answers even if the client/patient is resistant

  • Build the absolute deepest rapport possible when you begin responding to their Soul's secret language

Scientists, Physicists, Researchers

Use it to:

  • Verify the veracity of ideas or theorems

  • Know immediately if a path of inquiry is a "blind alley"

  • Be guided to the most productive or lucrative path of inquiry

  • Get access to ideas and options your conscious mind would never have thought of

  • Shorten the trial & error time of experiments

  • Save valuable time and resources


Law enforcement, Attorneys

Use it:

  • To always know when someone is lying

  • In interrogations, examinations, depositions, etc., to get the Truth without breaking rapport

  • To verify information from multiple sources

  • For jury selection

  • To enhance negotiations between clients In mediation and to quickly get to peoples' truthful bottom line

Business/Corporate Applications

Use it:

  • For team or employee trust issues; and for negotiations, hiring, research and development

  • To enhance creativity

  • To know how to safely allocate scarce resources

Any Service Industry

Use it:

  • To give the client what they truly want. (People don't always consciously know what they want or what they will be happy with but their Soul does, and will always tell you.)

In all the service industries, you will exponentially magnify your ability to satisfy your customer (and quickly). When you guide them in the direction given to you by their Soul and not their ego, you will have deep rapport, and a happy customer. They will wonder at your ability to so deeply know and quickly satisfy them.

Many more examples of applications and benefits exist than there is space to write about them, but hopefully the above will give you an idea.

Truth... with no intermediaries necessary.

Direct access, zero degrees of separation.


""Really, I can't believe

this.  It's incredible.

This communication is

happening ALL the

time, with everybody!

It's like we really have

no secrets, we only

think we do.
It makes perfect sense

as a survival instinct

that we would have

such strong organic

guidance "​built in" and

readily available, but

we have lost our

access to it.  W​e

search ​everywhere

outside of

ourselves, but It is

here all along.  And

so obvious and clear

once you know!  I think

all the politicians and

people in power are in

big trouble now.  So

incredible! "

  ~ L. G., Internet tech
                San Pedro

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