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Truth at the Speed of Light

The Discovery™


​​3-day Truth Bootcamp

2022 Schedule will be posted soon.  

Please check back for locations/dates or contact us through

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Please listen to the detailed description of this amazing discovery. Click to play:     ​​

"One of the most incredible discoveries of our time... Nobel Prize winning incredible... impacts every field of human endeavor and when revealed  ​to the public  look out.  It will  change everything!"​​


- R.H., Attorney US Dept. of Justice

So, what is The Discovery™?
Let's start with a metaphorical analogy...
Imagine all humans were born with a built-in light behind our faces and when we spoke the truth, our face glowed yellow and when we intentionally lied or even unintentionally gave incorrect information, it glowed a dark blue.  
And imagine that this happened in all of us.  As in, every single human, everywhere in the world... all day, all the time.  No exceptions.
Now imagine that we saw it but were ignorant to its meaning so we ignored it for centuries... until one day we learnt what it meant.
How would we have reacted to a Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot or Pinochet for example, if we could so clearly see their deceptions and motives?
Or to corrupt politicians, bankers, lawyers, lobbyists, corporate moguls, or even potential lovers, when their faces went blue as they spoke and made promises they never intended to keep, or lied about their activities?
What would your life be like relating to your clients when you instantly knew their deepest truth even if they didn't know it themselves? 
How about teachers, religous leaders, salespeople, your doctors, employers, employees, friends, family etc.?
Having this kind of instant information, this verification of all incoming information would allow you to avoid ever being deceived or misled by anyone.  Pretty cool huh?  But wait, it gets better.  
Imagine that this 'blue face-yellow face" phenomenon happens in yourself when you are talking or just thinking.
You would instantaneously know the truth and soundness of your every thought, belief, "story", choice, decision, questions & life path. You would know, finally and with utter clarity when you are in self-deception. Could there be anything more important than that?  And just from noticing what color your face was.
And the most super cool thing of all?  You cannot consciously control it or stop it from happening.  
It is an involuntary, autonomic physiological response, so the information is not influenced, diluted, or contaminated by egoic beliefs, programming or limitations or by what any one else thinks or wants you to believe.  
It is of a higher order of to every human.  Evolution... here we come.
If you think about humans and the primal drive for survival, doesn't it just make sense that we would be born with the ability to know what we need 
in order to survive and for everyone to thrive...without constantly having to go outside of ourselves to seek 'expert' advice or guidance?
Can you imagine how this self-knowledge plus the ability to unequivocally know when anyone is being deceptive will change our lives?
How it will impact the way we vote, buy, negotiate, learn, teach, conduct investigations and scientific studies, build businesses & relationships, research, hold trials, fall in love, relate to friends & family, and pretty much conduct our entire lives?
The above face-glowing color-changing example is only a metaphor, but the actual non-verbal language is pretty much that simple and obvious once you know what it is.
Once you know the language, you realize that the applications and benefits are limitless both personally and professionally.  
And it pretty much begs the question, which part of us is so dedicated to telling the truth that it developed its' own unique language
Exactly 'who' is doing this truth-telling?  Which part of us created and uses this language...what is the source?
What we are referring to is a higher-functioning, non-ego aspect of humans with its own ongoing, compelling language system, and the highest-level intimate knowledge of our bodies, our health and inner workings down to a cellular level, as well as an uncanny awareness of what might be called universal knowledge. It behaves as if we are not separate... from ourselves nor each other and it moves for the good of the whole.
Honestly, we don't know what to call it.  But we have decided to refer to this part as the Soul.
And we want to point out that It is not necessary to believe in the "Soul" in order to benefit from learning to recognize this existing language. Some call it Source, Spirit, Higher Self, Holy Spirit, Soul or other names. The linguistic metaphor you choose to use is irrelevant really.​  

​It is a bridge to integration, inter-connectedness, and a whole new kind of integrity.  Call it whatever you like, Soul works for us... for now ;-)​
Again, who knows the complete answer?  We are not going to pretend we do but as the information is finally disseminated world-wide, we hope to be a part of that fascinating discussion.
Here, all this time we thought we were able to lie, to deceive each other and perhaps that was true on a conscious level, but in reality your soul not only lets the world know when you are being deceptive, it also knows every single time someone lies to you, and it tells you when you are lying to yourself or making poor choices.
For some of us, it makes perfect sense, just as a basic human survival mechanism, that we would be 'factory installed' with the ability to have immediate and direct access to guidance from an internal source that intimately knows us, as opposed to needing to seek it outside of ourselves which is not actually a very efficient method.
We can say that it makes sense that Truth is not optional and has a mandate to be known.  Truth is the essence of that from which we came, it is the reality of who we are just like it is for a tree or a bird or a mountain.  
And it is absolutely requisite for Life.  Deceit kills.  It kills trust and eventually it kills hope.  Without trust, a couple, a family, a tribe, a community, a nation or country, a species, a world... cannot function nor thrive.  The evidence of this is all around us.  Now, that can begin to change.
All the ills of the world can be found to have deceit at their core and everything, whether it be empires or civilizations, relationships with self or others that lacks Truth at its' foundation or that is built upon deceit, no matter how small, will surely crumble and fail.  Deceit causes entropy, and entropy eventually causes collapse.
For some people in our world, the last thing their egos want is to be transparent, yet for others of us, we know it as the way forward, and the hope for LIfe on Earth.
Perhaps the real answer to the question "What is the benefit?" of finally knowing that we have a part willing to risk everything just to make the Truth known, will be similar to the answer given by physicist David E. Kaplan​ when asked that question about the Large Hadron Collider.  His answer?
"Could be nothing... other than just understanding everything." 
Why does it exist, what does it mean, how does it
benefit or serve us? 

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