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Truth At The Speed Of Light

The Discovery™


First, we want to point out that It is not necessary to believe in the "Soul" in order to benefit from learning to recognize this existing language.  The linguistic metaphor you choose to use is irrelevant really.​

What we are referring to is a higher-functioning, non-ego aspect of humans with its own ongoing, compelling non-verbal (physiological) language system, and the highest-level intimate knowledge of our bodies, health and inner workings down to a cellular level, as well as an uncanny awareness of what might be called universal knowledge. It behaves as if we are not separate... from ourselves nor each other.​

It is a bridge to integration, inter-connectedness, and a whole new kind of integrity.  Call it whatever you like, Soul works for us... for now ;-)​

​​A note from the Discoverer

One day I had an exceptionally profound experience while working with a young patient and it changed the trajectory of my life forever.

I discovered a communication emanating from him that was totally outside of his awareness. It was a form of human language that was unlike anything currently known to man.

It proved to be a distinct (and fantastic) language that naturally exists in all humans, yet is encoded in such a way that it has escaped our conscious recognition and remains a "secret" to us.  It is immediately verifiable once you are taught what it is.

I wondered how, with millions of dollars spent on research into all forms of human communication, including lie detection, unconscious communication, body-language, etc. we have missed this phenomenon?

I believe that it could be like the "Termas" (hidden spiritual treasures) that ancient Tibetan Buddhism speaks of, in that the world must be ready to learn it before the treasure can be found and later revealed.

It also states that the "Terton" or the "Finder" must live with the knowledge for a sufficient length of time, sometimes a lifetime, so as to understand and be well-versed in all aspects of the "treasure" before sharing it.

It took more than two decades of international research with natives of over 25 countries to study, understand, adequately articulate and prepare the way (and myself!) for the revelation of the discovery to the world, and to create a code of ethics for its use.

​Learning to recognize and pay attention to this language is profoundly useful in all areas of life and in every profession, bar none.

It has the power to exponentially enhance every single aspect of your life.  But......

Be forewarned, this is not for the faint of heart or for those who prefer being "asleep" to being awake because:​

1) You will always know when people are lying to you or to each other.

2) You will even know when they are lying to themselves.

3) Most importantly, you will know when you are lying to yourself.

4) You will come to understand that when you lie to someone, their Soul knows every time that you are lying to them, because your Soul tells them you are, and that the impact on their energetic field & health, and further implications of this are huge! 
Given the imperative that Truth has to be known or "outed", could we be making ourselves and each other sick even with our small, or well-intentioned lies? 

5) You will be faced with an ever-increasing awareness of the profound global & individual consequences of the "Culture of Deceit" we have created, support, and participate in daily.

It takes guts to always be awake to this level of truth (and often, a good sense of humor), but the benefits are nothing short of miraculous.

My heart tells me that now more than ever, our world needs this knowledge to be shared.  Now more than ever we need to have light-speed access to truth and higher wisdom without having to go into an altered state of consciousness, jump through any hoops, or seek outside intervention, and that finally, we are ready.  I hope so, for we may not get another chance.

If you are one of the pioneers, the trail-blazers, the truth seekers of the world or even just in your own life, then I hope you can join us.  It will be one of the most exciting and rewarding things you ever learn.


peace and rampant joy,
chelsea alexis gabriel

Once in a while a discovery is made that

forever changes human life.

I am humbled to be the finder of such a discovery.

~ Chelsea Alexis Gabriel

"I use my knowledge​​

of this discovery every

​single day in my

​medical​ practice and ​

my patients benefit ​

directly from it.  Quick,

accurate diagnosis ​and

spot-on treatment

plans.  It has become

so integral to my

practice that I frankly

don't know how I got

along before without

​knowing it."

         ~ Dr. A. S., M.D.

           Charleston, SC

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