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Truth At The Speed Of Light


"Return to Truth" 8-day Retreat

This is the teaching your Soul has waited for

your entire life,

held at one of the most stunning, magical places on earth,

in the most powerful time of our lives.​​

And that's the truth.

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 Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

April 1-9, 2013

A most spectacular experience

​You know, it is hard to adequately describe the beauty of Lake Atitlan and its power.  It is a primary destination for many world travelers and is listed as one of the most beautiful places in the world.
It's a vortex.  It's a power spot.  Its healing powers are palpable... it's magic is inescapable.
No surprise, with 3 inactive volcanoes surrounding the perimeter of what is known to be one of the largest, deep water lakes in the world, and home to the ancient Mayans and their descendants.
Atitlan's charm is undeniable.   It is largely undeveloped, with only 13 Mayan villages, or pueblos surrounding its shores... the native Maya still speak in their ancient languages... they still wear traditional clothing made from cloth they weave themselves.  With its almost 6,000ft altitude, the weather is springlike almost all year long.
The Mayans are a sweet and incredibly strong people, and resilient is a word that must have been invented for them.  The strength of body and will that resides inside their often tiny frames is an inspiration.  And the children are so adorable you can hardly stand it... independent little buggers too.  Most freely walk and play in the streets or run errands from the moment they can walk.
I traveled there 5 years ago for an 8-day vacation... and stayed for 6 months.  Then I cried the whole way home on the plane.  This story is so common at Lake Atitlan, that it has drawn its share of expatriates from all over the world for decades.  People come for a visit, then just can't leave.  Or they keep coming back.
That says something for a place, yes?


I think I have said enough about the Discovery elsewhere on the website and I promise you that you will be blown away when you learn what this language is and how to recognize it, and dumbfounded that we have not noticed it sooner. 
You may even cry the whole way home on the plane too, not just to leave this awesome place, but with a deep joy that you made the leap, came here, and discovered what can only be called evidence of your Soul's profound love for you, and gratitude that our Souls have developed this communication system... just to guide us home to ourselves, wholly, safely, and completely.  
And of course we can't do it without Truth as our operating paradigm.
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